Summer time is the BEST time, in my opinion to just get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine and go on vacation with that special someone. I know J and I are planning a summer vacation to go on for a week to just relax and enjoy ourselves and each other’s company.  These top island resorts offer the ultimate in romance, from special dinners, beautiful views, romantic suites and more. These are the top 10 beach vacations that are on my list to travel too or that I have traveled too and just absolutely love!

1. Ratua Private Island, Vanuatu

Ratua Private Island, Vanuatu is right off the East Coast of Australia, the island itself is 146 acres filled with wildlife and breath taking views.The island capacity is only allowed up to 38 guests so you literally are on your very own private island. For more details for accommodations please visit this link. You can go horseback riding, mountain biking, snorkeling, scuba diving in blue holes, and many more wonderful activities are offered while on your stay. This beautiful private island is at the top of my list for beach vacations to travel to! Let the “5 year wedding anniversary” and “congratulations J, your out of Residency” vacation planning begin!

When to go:  May – October are the best times to go with no chance of cyclones which could totally put a damper on your vacation.

2. Eden Rock Hotel, St. Barts

St. Barts is located between St. Kitts and Nevis to the south and Anguilla to the north, some like to call it the Star of the French West Indies. Now, isn’t that a title!? This treasure of an island is for those that love yachting, sailing and scuba diving. Eden Rock Hotel sits on top of a rocky mountain that over looks the white sandy beaches of St. Jean Bay. Pure perfection. There are a total of 14 beaches on St. Barts, which all have neat aspects to them. For instance, Gouverneur Beach is serene and peaceful while Toiny Beach is a hike with wonderful wildlife and beautiful, breathtaking views but not the most relaxing beach to walk too.

When to go: May – June are the best times to go for the most bang for your buck.

3. Grand Turk Inn, Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is apart of an archipelago of 40 low-lying coral islands settled in the Atlantic Ocean, southeast of the Bahamas.Turks and Caicos, was one of the many places J and I went on our honeymoon in the Eastern Caribbean. We went in December and it was perfect. There wasn’t much too do, but that’s the whole point of Turks and Caicos. Simply to relax. If you are traveling to this Island, I would suggest staying on Grand Turk, the smaller island which is also the Capitol of Turks and Caicos. Grand Turk is less built up and more of a relaxation, care free atmosphere. J and I were actually very lucky to of met the owners of Grand Turk Inn while on vacation there a year ago. We took a snorkel boat out with Blue Water Divers and it literally was a one on one snorkel session, literally. It was the best time of our whole trip and we were encouraged by our tour guide to stay in the water as long as we wanted. We were taken to a hidden location where we were the only snorkelers for miles and the water was so crystal clear, it was absolutely stunning. If you are ever going to this gem of an island, I highly suggest staying at Grand Turk Inn and planning your excursions with Blue Water Divers.

When to go: Peak season is during the winter due to the crystal clear and glass like waters, however a lot of travelers go in the months of April – May.

4. Cayo Espanto, Belize

Belize is located in Central America and Cayo Espanto is located off the coast of the mainland just three miles from San Pedro. You can get there by boat. Belize is so close by plane that it only takes two hours to fly from Miami, Florida and Houston, Texas but far enough to feel like your traveling too a new world. Belize’s Cayo Espanto offers a private over the water bungalow with a private dock on its own private island. Can I just say…. if you want Privacy, then book your stay at Cayo Espanto! J and I traveled to Belize with J’s parents a few years ago and we just loved it so much! We did travel during the summer months and it was very windy…unusually windy from what the locals were saying, but we enjoyed our time on the beach and touring the mainland in the jungle. The two things I would say that if you are traveling to Belize, that you must see are the Maya Ruins and the Blue Hole. We traveled too the Lamanai site by river boat, where our tour guide stopped to let us feed the spider monkeys and talk about the wildlife in the area.

Only here: The Cayo Espanto also has a very neat feature to the hotel. A glass floor to view sea life! No other hotel in the Caribbean has this amazing feature.

When to go: March and April offer the clearest water and the best weather.

5. Fowl Cay Resort, Exumas, Bahama

Exumas, Bahama consists of over 365 islands. The rich and famous love to travel here and yes, Johnny Depp does own an island nearby. So if the beaches and crystal clear blue water don’t tickle your fancy, having a chance to possibly bump into Johnny Depp while on vacation is a great alternative. Not to mention swimming pigs are native to this island. When you stay at Fowl Cay Resort you quite literally feel like there are no troubles in the world, just beach, beach and more beach.

When to go: For the best weather and calm waters, winter is the best time to go. However, June  has the best bang for your buck although you could get caught in some rain storms.

6. Sandals LaSource, Grenada

Grenada, is located in the Caribbean north of Venezuela and south of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Sandals LaSource an amazing deal where everything is included in your vacation, aka: unlimited scuba diving. There are tons of reef sites and shipwrecks that one can explore while staying at Sandals LaSource. If your not scuba certified, that is fine, there are tons of land activities to partake in while on your stay. Hiking and exploring the island is a great past time for a lot of the travelers. You can also spend a day at the beach or at the wonderful 5 star hotel spa. There are 225 suites at Sandals LaSource and 69 of them are butler suites with plunge pools! This resort is all inclusive (live shows, sailing, scuba, snorkeling) are all included in the nightly rate which can start at $339 per person. Can I just say, what a deal!?

When to go: The beginning of December would be the best time to go in order to get the best deals and have wonderfully sunny skies.

7. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

The Maldives, is located in the Indian Ocean  with hundreds of islands that form a circle. It’s known for its beaches, blue lagoons and extensive reefs. You can arrive by speedboat or by plane to the Huvafen Fushi Resort. The resort has an amazing spa  called the Lime Spa that is underwater, quite literally…underwater! Also, if you are  a wine consour, then the Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives is the best place to go. It is said that the Huvafen Fushi Resort has the largest wine collection in the area.  

When to go: If you really want to be on the island all to yourself then May through November offers amazing deals, fewer guests and fantastic snorkeling.

8. Hotel Chocolat, St. Lucia

St. Lucia is located in the Eastern Caribbean between Martinique to the North and St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the South. Hotel Chocolat is a beautiful hotel located high in the rainforest among the cocoa groves of Rabot Estate, St. Lucia’s oldest plantation. While on your stay here, you can learn how chocolate is made and you can actually create your own bar of chocolate. So relax and unwind with a great view of the island and of course, indulge your desires in cocoa and chocolate.

When to go: Although this neat resort is a bit pricey, the best time to save big is to go in May but book early cause the deals go quickly.

9. Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles

Seychelles is off the East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Seycehlles was also the honeymoon spot for Prince William and Kate. The Four Seasons Resort is always the place to stay when traveling. There are tree top villas, private beaches and amazing views from all angles. There are so many fun things to do while staying at Seychelles, from snorkeling and scuba diving to visiting art galleries and museums. 

When to go:  The best time to go is when the cooling trade winds kick in which are from May to November.

10. Hermitage Bay, Antigua

Antigua is an island located in the West Indies.Hermitage Bay has 25 individual suites that are located on the beah and hillside of the island. You can see in the distance, the islands of Montserrat, St. Kitt’s and Nevis which are the closest neighbors to Antigua. The island is filled with so many diverse activities that it’s hard to choose just one thing to do. You have your pick from cooking classes and historic tours to  scuba diving and sailing lessons. This island is a place of relaxation and play.

When to go: If you know the Caribbean is the destination for you, then May is a perfect time to visit Antigua. You will save money AND dodge the summer vacation crowd.