You don’t have to wait for a new year to start fresh. You can always start something, at anytime. There is nothing magical about midnight, but for some it can be a time stamp or a clean state. Over the years, I’ve found what helps keep me motivated with my personal life and health (also what doesn’t, because no-one is perfect!).

Get Organized.

One of the ways I keep myself on the ball with all of the projects I have going on is making lists. I am obsessed with list-making!
It’s important to have a routine of checking in and checking off to ensure you get everything done and all of your projects are organized in one place. This applies to your workouts, meal planning and social calendar as well!

Create a content calendar.

For a content creator/designer, like myself, it’s important I keep a calendar when each item is launching or has to go live on my site.This could look like just using a simple white board for yourself or daily planner that can house all of your events, deadlines etc. I prefer one I can hang up on my wall so it stays within my sight at all times. When you glance up while you work, it’s nice to know you are on track or what is outstanding!

Give yourself grace.

The start of the year can be daunting for some. It can be a reminder of all the things you didn’t do but wanted to in the year prior. Give yourself grace here. Don’t focus on your failures (although it is good to be aware of them so we can improve our personal and professional growth), instead be mindful of it and go forward with grace. Life is messy. Things happen in our finances, health, hardships etc. to us and our loved ones around us. There are all kinds of distractions and obstacles we will have every year, regardless of the person. We sometimes just drop the ball completely. If you did’t get it done last year, make a note of how you will accomplish it this year! No one is perfect, so give yourself grace.

Stay centered.

It is far too easy to get caught up in the comparison game, especially with social media and the world of instant gratification. Keep yourself pure from feeling that way and stay centered in what grounds you. For me, that is my faith. It humbles me and reminds me I am apart of something way bigger than myself. It also reminds me to be grateful for everything the good and the bad. I trust whatever was meant for me will never miss me and whatever does, was never meant for me.