When it comes to makeup, I’ve been stuck in a rut for… well, for most of my life, basically.
(Are you all picturing me floundering about in some kind of makeup-filled ditch or something right now? Because that’s what the words “makeup rut” suggest to me, and honestly, it sounds kinda fun, don’t you think? No?)

Seriously, though, when you have my particular combination of red hair and pale skin, I think makeup ruts kind of come with the territory. (They probably do for people with other kinds of skin/hair colours, too, obviously, but this particular rut is the only one I know…) There are just so few colours that actually suit me, especially when it comes to lipstick, that I’ve become used to just reaching for the same old reds I always wear: I don’t even TRY anything else, at this point. Seasonal makeup changes? Forget it. Every year, when autumn rolls around, and all of my friends start banging on about how they can’t wait to break out all of those plum and berry coloured lipsticks that are supposed to be SO APPROPRIATE for autumn, I’m left sitting there going, “Yeah, I’ll just be sticking to exactly the same colours I wore all summer.”

Anyway, as I said, I’ve become so used to this state of affairs that I’ve just accepted it – to the point where I can’t even remember the last time I bought a lipstick that wasn’t red. Then, last week, Rimmel very kindly sent me no less than 9 different shades of their new ‘The Only 1’ matte lipstick. Nine.

This is a rich, creamy formula, which, unusually for matte lipstick, is easy to apply (i.e. there’s none of that “dragging” sensation you get when you try to apply some other matte lipsticks I could mention), and doesn’t dry your lips out as soon as they come into contact with it. I highly suggest picking up one or five of these wonderfully luscious lipsticks next time your wanting to change up your beauty routine.