Here are two of my most favorite cocktails to serve each year! I like to think about my guests and who all I am inviting over to celebrate. Once I know the guest list, I like to divide my cocktail orders into two categories.Lovers of all thing sweet and Lovers of all things not so sweet. The Sparkling Champagne Shooter is for all those sweet tooth’s out there that just love, love, love all things sweet, especially when it comes to a cocktail. The Wine Sparkler is a perfect option for all those that don’t fall into the first category. Hope you all enjoy and drink responsibly this 4th of July weekend!


Ingredients: champagne // cranberry juice // handful of blueberries & raspberries // Square and star ice cube trays


  • To make the ice cubes – fill trays with fruit (blueberries/raspberries) fill trays with cranberry juice & freeze.
  • Once the cubes are frozen toss a few ice cubes into a tall cocktail glass & pour the champagne over the ice cubes.

2.  Wine Sparklers

Ingredientswatermelon stars ice cubes (same ice cube making process as above – exchange cranberry juice for watermelon) // 1 cup blueberries // 1 bottle of chilled dry white wine // 1L of chilled sprite // 1 gallon pitcher

Directions: Place the watermelon stars icecubes into the bottom of a 1 gallon pitcher. Pour the bottle of white wine and soda into the pitcher and gently mix ingrediants. Serve in a tall glass and garnish with fruit.