One thing I get asked a lot is How did I start blogging and how did it grow. Well, its been a quite a process and still is. I’m always learning more and more and bettering my blog and hope to continue to do that and I hope you all will continue to learn and grow with me. You’ve been the best followers ever. But let’s get to the good stuff, shall we, and talk a little more about my ‘blogging’ career.

How I got Started:

This little blog here started out as a fun hobby back in the spring of 2014. I was always on the go, go, go! Working a full time job 8:00-5:00pm Monday- Friday, teaching ballet classes Sunday-Sunday while my husband was in medical school. I also was in graduate school at the time as well. . . how did I do it? I have NO IDEA! I LOVE channeling my creativity in the kitchen, with fashion, and in the home. Thus, came about Grey Meets Gold. I wanted to be able to channel all that energy into a fun outlet for me during the week/weekends when I wasn’t busy. A time to just de-stress from the everyday stressors. I never thought my little piece of the internet would grow into the following I have today!

Here’s the thing about blogging. Everyone thinks that it is easy and doesn’t require much work and, maybe that’s true for someone slapping together content and throwing it up on the web but are people visiting their site? Probably not. If you put in the time and hard work…. you will see results and, for the first time in my blogging career I started putting in some major time. I scoured the internet for tips on photography and spent way more time every photo look pretty. I bought a calendar and started a content calendar to layout what I would post and when. I stopped waiting around for brands to come to me and started sending emails and instagram messages asking them if they’d want to collaborate and you know what? To my surprise, people do want to work with me. All the blood, sweat, tears and money were worth it to me. Sharing my passion with others can bring me a little something in return!

Getting better at photography:

I also knew that to make it in a world filled with bloggers, my photos needed to look more professional.

  • First off, I use a Canon Rebel T4i and I love it.
  • Natural light, it is KEY.
  • download Adobe lightroom… it’s a game changer. I waited so long to do this and I used to just edit my photos on my phone and boy, was that a mistake. Lightroom is inexpensive and makes your photos go from zero to hero.

Stop comparing yourself to others and be confident!

If you want to create a successful blog, stop comparing yourself to others. The whole thought process of “how does Sally have more followers than me?” doesn’t get you anywhere, folks.. I’ve always been a follower and cheerleader to all other bloggers. I hope we all make it!

How to start Monetizing your blog:

So this is tricky and I still struggle with this to be honest but here is the best advice I’ve ever received from another blogger that mentors me. PUT TOGETHER A MEDIA KIT. Literally, once I did this my life as a blogger went from me posting things as a hobby to a career. Now, when brands send me an email asking if they can send me free products, I respond with my media kit. Sometimes they want to work with me after the media kit, great! Sometimes… they say no. That’s fine! BUT, regardless, it makes me look like I take my site seriously (and I do) and it has led to a lot of wonderful partnerships with brands that I love!

On the other hand, when you do get to the point that brands are wanting to work with you don’t forget YOUR brand and don’t let the money influence you. You have to stay strong with your brand message and what you stand for. I have turned down countless opportunities because I know that if I post something that I don’t LOVE and people go and buy and they have the same reaction… you know what that does for me? Nothing but looses the trust of my followers I’ve worked so hard for. And once you lose their trust, your influence is lost. I love each of my followers and when they go to buy something I recommend, I want them to love it and say WOW! Stay true to who you are and your message. Be patient and work with the right brand, it will all pay off in the long haul.

Dealing with your friends when getting started. 

It’s true. You’ll probably have some friends or acquaintances give you heck for turning your instagram feed into a blog when you first start. This is why I suggest keeping your personal page separate from your blog page. Announce on your personal page that you’ve started a new endeavor and send them that way, but it gives them the option of following along with whatever you’re sharing.

The thing is… you’re putting yourself out there if you are starting a blog. Own it. 

But, where do I start if I want to be a blogger?

Hello? What are you waiting for? Go buy a domain and get started. You don’t need to get your site perfect before you launch.. you just have to start somewhere. Post about whatever you are passionate about and people will see that passion and it will organically happen if you do it with passion and you work hard. You have to stay consistent though. Posting once one week, 3 times the next, and then skipping two weeks shows you aren’t dedicated to it. People see it as a silly hobby and not something you truly care about growing. You may only have 5 followers.. I was there once, trust me. But you have to start somewhere! When you post, pour your heart out to those 5 little, lovely followers. They’ll see the spark in your posts and they will be your soldiers in spreading the news about you.

Thank you for being my soldiers and sharing my blog with your friends and family. I wouldn’t be where I am today with this blog without each of you and I hope you know how much I love you and how grateful I am for you.

Now, go, if you want to and start a blog. You’ve got nothing to lose!