This has been my go-to casual look for a while now. I’m definitely one of those girls who slips into a uniform. It makes my life so much easier. I know I’ll feel comfortable and I save a lot of time and frustration in the morning. Yesterday was a bit overcast with rain in the evening forecast which if you know me, I adore the rain! I have been begging J for the longest time to see if we could possibly move somewhere cold and rainy all the time! I prefer the dark, cloudy and overcast skies over sunshine any day. Maybe it’s due to my capability to burn easily in the sun due to my fair skin. Nonetheless, I love it when its cloudy and rainy, brings me such calmness and tranquility. All Fall I’ve been searching for a cashmere grey scarf. Every second of every day. I finally pulled the trigger on a J. Crew version that wasn’t a million dollars. The specific one I got is this JCrew scarf which I totally am obsessed with!
I pulled out my favorite sneakers that have been literally on rotate all month. I swear by them. Three wears and they are totally broken in. If you like the sporty look but don’t like the clown-look, these are the sneaks for you. (The length of the laces and tongue are shorter which elongates your foot and the heel is scrunched like a Tory Burch flat for the perfect shape.)
The perfect cropped denim. I’m always looking for a great pair of jeans…ha, just ask J! He tells me all the time I have a jean addiction. But seriously ladies, these jeans are so soft, super stretchy without stretching out, could sleep in them kind of denim. (This jean is the same wash and fit, just without the zipper. The cropped version with the zipper, like I’m wearing, is available in a darker wash.)
I have been obsessed with my Ann Taylor Mini Bucket Bag. It really is the perfect size to take with you while you are on the go running errands around town! It feels like that’s all I am doing! Preparing for the holidays fast approaching. Yikes! So much to do in such little time!