I’ve always been a huge fan of denim but my love for denim grew exponentially once I started college. Part of that love came from how comfortable I feel when I wear denim, it’s a very versatile piece in my wardrobe. The other part of my love of denim came about from working at a locally owned designer denim store in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas. Jean Guru was this store and the owner, Elma, man she really is the “Jean Guru”. While working there I was able to learn all her tips and tricks to finding the perfect pair of denim, not only for me but for other’s as well! J always laughs at me when I purchase another pair of denim, he always says “more!? you bought MORE jeans!? you have hundreds already!” Well, what can I say… I love denim!

Some of my favorite brands are 7 For All Mankind, JBrand, DL1961, Joes, Frame Denim and J’s favorite… Hudson

My first pair of jeans were 7 For All Mankind dojo in a light wash! I LOVED these jeans, wore them practically everyday freshman year of high school. I love each brand in a different way. It’s always so hard for me to fit in a pair of jeans and have them fit all day long. I am short and petite and all the brands my friends wore in high school like Abercrombie and Fitch & Hollister never fit me right. Here are the reasons why I love each brand and which jean is my favorite from their collection. This will be a tough one for me to write because I LOVE them all but here are my tried and true go to denim styles.

7 For All Mankind – (BOYFRIEND) As I mentioned above I am obsessed with the Dojo style jean that 7FAM makes but let me tell you about another pair that I love! 7FAM has by far the best boyfriend jeans, their Josefina Boyfriend jeans are way comfy, never loose their shape (AMEN!), and you can always size down! They are the best every day running around doing errands or lounging on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn in. You can style these jeans up or down but I prefer to just keep it classic and simple with some casual sneakers or sandals.

JBrand – (FLAREDJBrand has some of the best coated denim skinny jeans ever made, if you haven’t tried them on, you MUST! However, my favorite style from JBrand isn’t their skinny jeans… although admittedly I do own a lot! I however, fawn over their Love Story Flares! They are the perfect fit and shape for any body type! These jeans elongate your legs and NEVER loose shape! They are however a lower rise, below the belly button. Nonetheless, these jeans are perfect paired with a peeptoe heel or booties!

DL1961 Premium Denim – (SKINNY) I had never heard of this brand until a few years ago. Shame I know! My friend, Elma, owner of Jean Guru I had mentioned earlier in this post, told me I needed to try on a pair of DL1961 Premium Denim. They instantly make your butt look like it’s had a butt lift and have a great tapper leg! These jeans are by far my favorite in a skinny. With the high waist and the tapper leg, added with a butt lift. I call them my triple threat!

Joes – (SHORTSJoes by far makes my favorite pair of shorts. Yes, I know it’s Fall but hey, you gotta buy shorts sometime for the next summer season and what’s a better time than when they are at a discount during the Fall! These rolled shorts are by far my favorite. They fit so well in the thighs, which I have muscular thighs (thank you ballet). It’s always hard for me to find shorts but once I tried on joes jeans rolled shorts, I never looked back!

Frame Denim – (STRAIGHT LEGGED) They have some of the greatest feeling jeans I’ve ever put on. Although when you check out their website, the jeans do look a bit wide in the hips and through the leg but don’t let that deter you from trying on a pair. They fit way differently than they look online. I love a bit of edge to my jeans which is why these high low straight jeans from Frame Denim are the best.

Hudson – (BOOTCUT) J has always loved me wearing Hudsons and to be honest these were my second pair of premium denim that I purchased myself. Jason says these jeans, no matter what, make my butt look great! Well, hey! If he’s happy, I’m happy. lol. Not to mention they fit great! They have the perfect fitting bootcut jeans you will ever try on. I honestly prefer their signature flap pocket over their five pocket version but that’s just me. These jeans do run a size small so I’d try on different sizes before making a purchase. They also run lower on the hips but they never loose shape, even after a weeks wear!

DL 1961 Premium Denim