I don’t know what it is but every Fall I always want to switch out the old decorations in my home and bring in new decor to I guess… “welcome Fall”. This year, I am all about the neutrals with pops of color or neat textured designs. Here are some of my home inspirations for this Fall.

Kitchen: I love the fact that you can see the exposed brick chimney where the gas range is located.  I also love the mixed materials in the space. Old world wood finishes paired with classic white cabinets and counter tops and hints of copper. Not to mention those light fixtures are to die for! 

Living Room: I am obsessed with the vaulted ceilings. and beamed rafters. Beautifully placed and what a great contrast to the neutral colors in the room. Really draws your eye up. 

Dining Room: I always believe in a statement piece in the dining room. Whether it is the table, wall art or light fixtures, there must be something! However, there should ONLY be ONE item that draws the eyes in to one focal point. You never want multiple focal points or else it gets a bit hectic, in a space that is suppose to be where the family gathers at the end of the day. I love the fact that this chandelier is hanging over the dining room table. It is beautiful and yet, not outrageously loud to the fact that you can’t focus on the person sitting across the table from you. 

Bedroom: I am 100% obsessed with the backboard of this bed, cheetah, what girl wouldn’t love that? Plus, it adds a great touch of something special to the room when everything else is a very soft neutral. I am also loving the molding on the wall behind the bed, it adds texture and detail to the room. If I had it my way, our entire place would have molding like this.