I don’t want you to think I am sounding the alarm or anything, but… if you want a pair of Bean Boots for this fall or winter, now is the time to get one. Don’t wait because these boots are seriously amazing! Even though I don’t live somewhere that snows or gets too cold during the winter, I do travel to places that these boots are very much a required piece and a staple to my winter wardrobe. I’ve been dying for a pair for a while and when I decided to make the purchase last winter, I knew these boots would be a life savor on my winter vacations!

Here’s a super quick guide to what Bean Boots you should get:


My favorite style is the 6″ Bean Boots. I’m just about 5’1″ and find that the 6″ height is perfect on my legs. Plus they’re easy to get in and out of and don’t take a long time to lace up.

If you’re a bit taller or know you’re going to be somewhere with a lot of snow, the 8″ Bean Boots will be a better bet. (These come in four different color combinations including pink and navy!)


As for sizing, I recommend going down a full size. For example, I typically wear a size 7.5 and get a 6 in Bean Boots. You can go with your size, but you’d have to plan on wearing thick socks for a comfortable fit.


Bean Boots, on their own, aren’t necessarily warm. But they’re still great boots for cold weather. For extra warmth, you might want to consider a Thinsulate or a shearling-lined boot. If you think you’re going to want them for warmer and cooler weather, get the regular version and then add a shearling insert for cold days or swap out your regular socks for a good wool pair.