• Neutral Home Decor

    Neutral HomeDecor

Upholstered Armchair, Hammered Table Lamp, Santorini Painted Floor Mirror, I love you Pillow, Gretchen Pillow, Dearsley Embroidered Pillow, Sofa, Round TableLOVE Print, Be You Print , Shelby Rug, Throw

My husband and I have been in our apartment for almost a year now and while we absolutely love it!  The interior designer in me constantly wants to change the furniture around, purchase new home decor, or burn a great smelling candle to fill our home with. It’s always hard to combine interior taste when moving in with someone else, especially when you first get married and are straight out of college. I remember when we first moved in together, J had his masculine decor which mostly consisted of brown, brown, and more brown while I had my TCU Sorority, ultra feminine decor. You can only imagine how our apartment looked after we unpacked everything. So we decided to wait to purchase new home decor until after our wedding (which we just recently celebrated our one year anniversary!) because we knew we would get most of our home decor as wedding gifts. I love neutrals as much as the next girl but I needed some pop of feminine colors to liven up our place. So J and I decided on the color palette of white, cream, grey/blue, limited hints of brown and camel. J has been wonderful about letting me decorate our home and really lets me do my thing when it comes to decorating our space. Most of the big pieces of furniture in our living room are brown, so it’s easy to change the space with a few accessories and accents. When we move again we are looking at updating our brown leather couch to this Ivory one from Pottery Barn. I have always loved the idea of having an ottoman as our coffee table, especially this leather one from Pottery Barn.