The office. It’s where many of us spend the majority of our day. Sad but true. So I decided to come up with a “Office Inspiration” post. Have your work space the way you like it (for me…clean and tidy) can help increase productivity and help you de-stress.

I typically like my office space crisp and clean with simple colors that stand out. For instance this all white desk with hints of blue, blacks and golds make the work space clean and tidy, plus is a great room to show off if done correctly.

I love bins, like, love them! Having bins or organizational spots to keep your desk organized is key. Everything should have it’s own place. I like to keep all my magazines in one place to keep up to date with the trends. I also like to have a place where I can easily get to my “Thank you” cards, writing utensils and a spot to keep my “to do” list. Plus inspirational prints are always a must!

I highly encourage you to plan and think about the colors you want and the way you want the space to look from a third party perspective. When finished, you want someone to walk into the space and say “Oh wow, this should be a photo in a Pottery Barn Catalog”. You get the idea. I always believe a work space is a place where you WANT to spend the majority of your day at. It’s a place to help you with your creativity and productivity. NOT a place to dread going too and an area that is cluttered.

Happy Friday!