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J and I celebrated our 1.5 years of marriage by going and hiking up to the Lighthouse Rock at Palo Duro Canyon. Well…we like to think we started the trip off celebrating our 1.5 year anniversary. Actually, we didn’t realize it was our year and a half until we were driving to Canyon, Texas and I asked what day it was. J goes “It’s Sunday, babe” and I responded “I know, but what is the date? the 28th!? OMG!! We’ve been married for almost two years, we have six more months to go until the big 2 years!” I got really excited! So that is how we spent our “anniversary” hiking. We woke up early so that we could get to the park as soon as they opened because we knew it’d probably be very busy, since the weather was going to be so nice.

The hike wasn’t too bad either, we spent about 3 hours hiking that morning. It was beautiful, the sun had just risen and it was just the right temperature outside. However, I still slathered on the sunscreen because I knew the sun was going to be out shinning and bright later that day.

Of course a great trip deserves an arabesque on top of the Lighthouse Rock. Yes, it was windy, yes it was high but that didn’t stop me! We had a great time and if you are ever in Canyon, Texas or just driving through going to Amarillo. . . I highly encourage you to stop by the Palo Duro Canyon. There’s zip lining, horseback riding, camping, hiking and so much more! Next time J and I go I am going to convince him to let us go horseback riding and/or zip lining.