• Beach Getaway

    Beach Getaway

Jason and I have gone on vacation several times together but only twice have we gone to the beach together. I am itching to go back to the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos to be exact, for another vacation like… ASAP! My sister will be heading to Jamaica this summer and asked me for some ideas on how to pack for the beach! Now, I’ve never been to Jamaica but if it’s anything like the many islands in the Caribbean I highly suggest light weight clothing! The Caribbean, if you’ve never been, is amazing! It feels great to escape the every day hustle and bustle and travel somewhere that you can enjoy the bright sunshine, calming breeze and the fresh fruit cocktails on the beach.

Since my sister is planning a vacation with her boyfriend to the Caribbean, where she’s never been, she asked me for suggestions on what to pack. So I thought I would share a list of essentials I would recommend bringing for a vacation getaway to the beach. I think starting off with a color palette and knowing what activities I am going to be participating in while on vacation would be my first thought. It is always beneficial to bring items that mix and match and can be paired for different events/activities while on vacation, that way you have less to pack and more room for souvenirs!  If you are anything like me, I tend to over pack! Before my husband and I set sail for our honeymoon, I had to take six pairs of shoes, three dresses, and 5 pants out of my suitcase just to make the weight limit! Now that I’ve had several trips under my belt, I really try to stay simplistic with what I pack. Here are the items that I absolutely pack on every vacation because I know I’ll wear them throughout the trip, while still making the most out of each outfit. This list is for a week long vacation:

3 Dress – 2 casual & 1 dressy
2 Casual Tops
2 Cover ups & 2 Swim Suits
2 Shorts
1 Skirt
1 Pair of Flats & 1 Pair of Tennis Shoes (hiking)
1 Pair of Wedges
1 Pair of Sandals
1 Clutch
1 Cross-body Bag
1 Beach Bag

Monday– Wearing a casual dress, like a t-shirt dress, on the plane with some comfortable flats is the best way to travel. Your still stylish and comfy all at the same time. Plus when you get to your destination, you can switch your flats our with some wedges and wear that out for dinner. It’s like two outfits in one!

Tuesday– For a day filled with adventure, I’ll wear my boyfriend shorts, and a casual top (that I won’t mind getting dirty) paired with some tennis shoes for exploring the island and hiking.

  • Hiking the Jungle

    Hiking the Jungle

Wednesday– For a day filled with relaxation, I will usually wear a casual outfit to go explore the city, grab some snacks and lunch at one of the markets in town.

  • Relaxation


  • Exploring the City

    Exploring the City

Thursday– We usually like to do something adventurous one day and something relaxing the next day (switch it up) so that we don’t get burnt out on adventure at the beginning of the trip. For a day filled with adventure and relaxation, I will usually wear my swim suit and cover up (shorts and a simple v-neck) paired with some sandals and a beach bag or cross body bag, depending on what we are doing. So we might be scuba diving / snorkeling at one point in the day and then after we would be lounging on the beach drinking coconut water or having a great tasting cocktail!

  • Adventures on Turks and Caicos

    Adventures on Turks and Caicos

Friday– I’ll wear my casual pair of shorts paired with a casual top, flats and my cross body bag to just hang around the hotel or explore more of the town.

  • Exploring the Town

    Exploring the Town

Saturday– I’ll usually wear the same casual dress I wore at the beginning of the trip on the flight back home.This is a great way to reuse your outfits in new ways without having a new outfit every day. I can always pair my dress with a light weight blouse or chambray shirt to give the outfit a new feel.

Planning outfits ahead of time has really  helped me become less stressed when planning a trip. That way I can focus all my energy on the excursions and what we are going to be doing while on vacation, rather than concerned about what I’m wearing. Having a great bag that fits all your essentials and can be a great carry on for flights is key! Also, if you did not notice… I was wearing a lot of white! Well, when you are in the Caribbean or anywhere that is semi tropical ….white is the best color to wear. It is light weight, reflects the light so you stay cooler AND the color does not attract bugs, like mosquito’s! ICK! I’d love to hear how you guys plan for a vacation getaway!