One thing I have always been asked is what do I use to fill in my brows? It’s no secret I have to color my brows since everyone knows they are naturally blonde! But since I am not a fan of putting hair dye on my face to dye my eyebrows to match my red locks, I do the alternative which is use powder and pencil to color in my light eyebrows.

01. Eyelure Brow Contour – Blonde
“A two-in-one colour & highlighter…”

This double-ended pencil offers a brow colour on one end, and a highlighter on the other. It was the product I was most interested in trying, because pencil is my favourite way to fill in my brows: I find it easier to get a precise line with it, and it’s usually a bit more subtle than powders or gels, too. This pencil comes in either Blonde, Mid-Brown or Dark Brown. As a redhead, I don’t really fall into any of those categories, but it’s OK, I’m used to it: there are only a handful of cosmetics companies out there who make products designed especially for redheads, but actually, I find the “blonde” option normally works just fine for me: in fact, when I have used redhead-specific products, I’ve often found them a little too orange. This one, in ‘Blonde’ is pretty much perfect for filling in my brows, and I’ve also been using it to outline them too, to create a smoother shape.

The other end of the pencil is a highlighter, which you use to line the area right under the arch of the eyebrow. I’ve been doing this for years now, using Benefit’s ‘High Brow’, and I find it really makes a difference to my brows, helping to create the illusion of an arch, even where there is none. This particular shade is a slightly too yellow/dark for my skintone, but I did like the convenience of having it on the other end of the brow pencil – and, of course, if it IS the right colour for your skin, it’s cheaper than High Brow, too!

02. Eyelure Brow Amplifier – Blonde
 “A long-stay gel that builds, colours and tames the brows.”

Now, I definitely don’t need to have my brows “amplified”, but I DO want to “tame” them, and this gel is really good at doing that. One of my biggest brow-related issues is that the hairs all seem to grow in different directions so the fact that this gel keeps them firmly in their place is the main selling point for me. Unfortunately, I found the colour a bit too dark, so I have to use a very light hand with it, but on the plus side, you will literally (LITERALLY, people) not have a hair out of place.

03. Eyelure Brow Pomade in Blonde
“A creamy, long-lasting brow colour that provides colour, sculpting and shading for the brows.”

I gotta admit, I was most interested in the packaging of this one, which has that vaguely retro, “I will look awesome on your dressing table” look about it. And it DOES look good on my dressing table, it has to be said. On my brows, meanwhile, the colour is, again, just a touch darker than I’d like, and I was vaguely alarmed when I uncapped it and saw just how dark it looked. Surprisingly, though, it works better on my brows than I expected it to, and the accompanying brush makes it really easy to shape the brows, so although I didn’t expect to like this, and would definitely prefer it to be a shade lighter, I have still been using it, and like the way it holds those stray hairs in place.


To grow out your eyebrows, I recommend Anastasia of Beverly Hills Advanced Brow Enhancing Serum (also available here). I am currently using this to help regrow my eyebrows (since clearly tweezers and I do not have a compatible relationship).