The travel season, for my work, is about to begin and right in time for the holiday travel as well! The remainder of the year will be pretty intense with how much traveling I’ll be doing, but I’m excited! That’s why I’ve decided to round up several of my favorite travel essentials with y’all today! Keep reading to find out what my go-to items are!

Makeup can be a tricky thing to travel with, especially with security. That’s why I love Nordstrom’s travel size makeup options! I don’t know about you, but traveling really takes it out of me and the last thing I want to worry about is my makeup not being on point. So, I like to keep everything as neutral as possible.  That’s why I love the Urban Decay Naked skin makeup line. It goes on effortless and really does look like your not wearing anything at all! Which is perfect for those 6am flights (because who wants to have a full face of makeup on at 6am?) Keeping to the natural look, I always grab my NARS velvet shadow stick in Siros to add a subtle hint of glow to my eyes and top off my look with YSL kiss & blush to make my cheeks rosie pink and add a hint of color to my lips. I love how the YSL baby doll kiss & blush is a two in one. It’s great when you don’t want to lug around 6 different shades of lipstick in your purse.

Every time I go in to get a facial, my therapist always tells me that my skin is so dry. No matter what I do to improve my skincare routine, nothing has seemed to work. That’s when my therapist mentioned these four products below. Sure enough, after a month of using each item on a regular basis, my facialist saw a drastic difference in my skin at my last appointment. So these items are my tried and true, especially now that summer is almost over, I’m already prepping my skin for the cooler months. First off, I LOVE the fact that I have finally found a sunscreen that doesn’t feel like a sunscreen! It’s quick drying, doesn’t smell and also acts as a moisturizer! I’ve been a fan of Kiehls for the longest time, however when I tried this sunscreen + moisturizer in one it was a game changer! As I mentioned earlier, my skin is dry like the Sahara desert. Therefore, I include this amazing air repair moisturizer into my travel routine. Because let’s face it, you can never have enough moisturizer on during travel. To top things off I add this Kiehls powerful wrinkle reducing cream under my eyes so I don’t look tired and can also fight those pesky wrinkles. It’s never to early to start using wrinkle cream ladies! Last but not least, I slather this AHAVA body lotion all over! It smells devine and helps keep my skin moisturized. Can you see a theme here?

We all know we want to look cute but also comfy at the same time when we travel. As tempting as it is to throw on some sweatpants and yoga top before a flight, I try and stay away from the ultra cozy wear when I travel. Yes, I know…it’s tempting to just roll out of bed for your 6am flight. However, when you land at your destination and it’s already mid morning those sweatpants are now no longer acceptable to walk around in. I also find that when I get up and actually get ready for the day, that I feel more confident and prepared to take on the day! I love anything Madewell, especially when that Madewell item comes with eyelet detailing.  This is the perfect top to wear because it’s light weight and oh so cute, especially paired with this J.Crew white denim skirt. I tend to get cold on flights, that’s why I always have a sweater with me and this Elieen Fisher sweater is perfect to keep me warm on the flight but not feel so heavy that I can’t wear it during the warmer months. To top things off, I would pair this outfit with a low heeled bootie like this one. This bootie is comfortable, stylish and you can easily run around the airport in without your feet killing you!

I’ve always have been a watch fan … to be honest, I have a small collection in my jewelry box. However, watches can get pricey but when I can find a great looking watch for a steal, then you bet I’ll be walking out of the store with it! That’s why this BP Watch has been my go to watch ever since I purchased it at the Anniversary Sale a few weeks back. It was under $30! It looks very similar to this Olivia Burton watch but without the hefty price tag! I also love this Tory Burch hobo bag because it’s small enough to carry anywhere but big enough to fit anything and everything you might need with you when you travel! I’m a light traveler, and when I can consolidate everything into one bag, you bet I will do it! I also recently purchased this CALPAK rose gold luggage set. They are so pretty, don’t you think!? Besides the beautiful color of this luggage set, the main reason I purchased them is the fact that they are durable! Very durable!

Thank you for reading! What are some of your favorite travel essentials you always bring with you? I’d love to hear from y’all! Happy traveling!