It has been a whirl wind kind of summer. I deeply apologize for not being able to post anything for the past few months. With work, going on vacation and teaching, my life has been kind of crazy! I did want to share with everyone J and my vacation to Las Vegas! It was actually our first time to visit and we had literally everyday booked. We took tons of suggestions about where to stay, what to do and see while we were there. We finally were able to make a decision and we ended up booking a week long stay at the New York, New York Hotel and Resort. This was a great option for us. Tons of food to eat like pizzeria’s, the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory, 24 hour Espresso bar, The Fine Nine Irishmen and of course 800 degree’s (pizzeria). Have I mentioned, pizza is amazing!? Anyways, 800 degree’s wasn’t technically apart of New York New York but it was just right next door at the Monte Carlo.

The outside of our Hotel; New York New York Las Vegas

During our vacation we went to go see two Cirque De Soleil Shows ( Mystere at Treasure Island & Zumanity at New York New York).

Performers from Cirque De Soleil “Mystere”

We saw “Mystere” our first night in Vegas. This show was by far J’s favorite of the vacation. I really enjoyed it as well, although the giant baby did kind of creep me out. The performers did an amazing job and it was by far the most active  and really neat Cirque’s I’ve seen…and I’ve actually have seen “Mystere” before. After the show we decided to head on over to the Ruhm Bar at the Mirage. Seriously one of the coolest places I have been! Not to mention they specialize in making Rum cocktails!

Wearing: Topshop Midi Skirt / Topshop Crop Top / Sam Edelman “Onyx” Pump

I actually was super excited to wear my new Top Shop outfit I ordered off of the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I do however wish we were able to get a full outfit photo while we were at the Ruhm Bar. Although we didn’t get a full outfit photo, we did get to have the place to ourselves. The wonderful thing about going to a 7:00pm show and getting out at 8:30pm was that the bars were never crowded because everyone was getting ready for the 9:00pm shows.

Our second day in Vegas we went to the Premium Outlet Mall and walked around, grabbed a bite to eat and shopped. That evening we wen’t to go see Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo. It was seriously, so funny! I have seen the Blue Man Group one other time when I was visiting New York City. On our third day, J went to his interview with the Medical School about residency positions for Emergency Medicine while I went to the New York New York Spa. The next day we went back to the outlet mall and shopped some more and drove around Las Vegas and walked around the Strip checking out different hotels that we would want to stay at if we ever decided to go back to Vegas.

We went to the Aquarium & shark tank at the Mandalay Bay Resort and it was pretty darn cool! Crazy huge fish, we just had to take a picture with were swimming around right as we walked in. 

On our last day in Vegas, we decided to go out to the Colorado River and do a 3 hour kyake ride to the Emerald Cave. It was a lot of fun, until we almost got stuck on the river in a middle of a thunderstorm. It turned from a nice day to 50 mph wind in literally 10 minutes. J and I did not want to get stuck out on the water so we paddled our way as fast as we could to the shoreline. Luckily, we didn’t have to sacrifice our trip because of the storm. We were able to kyake all the way to the Cave and back in 3 hours.

Right before the storm rolled in about 30 minutes later.

It was a great trip! I really loved Las Vegas. It kind of reminds me of Time Square in New York. I would highly recommend anyone who has not been to Vegas, should go! However I would not stay there for an entire week. Yes, there are tons of things to do BUT it does get pretty pricey. I would say next time we go, a 3 day vacation there is perfect.