Since J and I are moving to San Antonio, Texas this coming summer and are building our home (with Meritage Homes  – who have been truly amazing by the way).I have decided to compile a list of items that I am really obsessing over and want to fill J and my new home with! It’s always fun to work together to fill a space that just screams “us”. I love mixing bold colors that make a statement with simple & elegant  pieces. I tend to gravitate towards the more formal yet eclectic feel while as Jason tends to go more modern and simple.

The entire house is going to be painted a base color that is this truly amazing shade of grey that I just about died over when we were at the Meritage Homes Design Center. So instead of the traditional neutral brown hues, we are going with more of a sophisticated and modern color scheme of grey and dark navy blues. It is always fun to experiment with our two styles and bring together an amazing an unique design all of our own.

Starting with the Living Room of course, here are some of my favorite items!

You can find all these wonderful items at Pottery Barn.

  1. Tanner Long Console Table
  2. Silvia Pedestal Side Table
  3. Emery Linen/Cotton Drapes in Ivory
  4.  Lexington Crystal Table Lamp
  5. Tristan Bar Cart
  6. Desa Bordered Wool Rug
  7. Dayton Upholstered Arm Chair
  8. Sunset on St. Germain Photograph
  9. Horse on a Stand