(Before the walls were put up)

Life lately has been kind of hectic. With J and my new home being built, our upcoming move to a new city, planning for J’s Medical School graduation coming up in the next month and just every day life we have been all over the place it feels like. I just wanted to slow things down and take time to relax and enjoy this whole house building extravaganza. Above you’ll see our house being built (far left photo) with some photos of whats to come for the master bathroom (middle photo) and the entry to our home (far right photo).

(After the walls were put up)

Finally we have walls! I really can’t wait for the rest of the interior to be completed. Next step is paint, cabinets & trim. Entry way (far left photo), living room (middle photo) and master bedroom (far right photo). I can’t wait to share more photos as our home progresses. It has been amazing to watch it go from the ground up and can’t wait to share with everyone what I have in mind as far as the interior design!