Happy Monday y’all! As you might know, I love cheese…if you didn’t know that about me, well…now you do. However, let me also mention that I am lactose intolerant.  So many dishes I love are based on dairy, but finding the perfect balance between dairy and non-dairy products can be quite tricky at times. Let me just say, non-dairy pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, fondu, and well.. you get the idea can be strange for those of you who are not lactose intolerant. That’s why I wanted to write a post about the stuff on this week’s “Whats cooking this week”. Still haven’t decided on a name for this series. Let me know if you like the working title in the comments below.

Monday: Let’s kick off the week with an ooey-gooey tomatillo vegan grilled cheese. Add dried chile flakes, parsley, oregano, black pepper and a hot grill. Toast slabs of bread and devour!

Tuesday: Cream-free creamy corn pasta with basil  (okay, this one does have some dairy…aka Parmesan cheese, but it’s so worth it!). I’ve been on a corn kick lately and this dish has be dying. It’s life-changing.

Wednesday: If you love mac and cheese as much as I do, you can’t just give it up because of some silly stomach issue. So this vegan gluten free recipe will rock your world!

Thursday: dairy-free pizzaPizza, everyone loves pizza. It’s so tasty and that’s why Thursdays in my house is pizza night. This is so yummy and so easy to make that anyone can do it.

Friday: Wahoo you’ve made it to Friday! That means an easy vegan fondue night is called for. This meal is great, especially when your hosting a dinner party or get together. Grab your best friends and some rose and you’ll be set for a Friday night full of fun!