There are days when all I want to cook is what’s in the fridge, real fast, then eat it super quick. Put the plate in the dishwasher (because I hate dishes piling up in the sink), not go outside at all, and get back to relaxing and binge watching Revenge, much less shop for a week of cooking. On the downside, I’ve recently found some great recipes that I’ve wanted to try and so I’ll  need to go shopping after all. And that’s good! Because getting out of the house, getting things done early in the morning will will make the rest of the week’s evenings run smooth, after I’ve come home to a long day in the office. Hello working from home – you seem much more appealing each and every day! Welcome to my new series, “What’s cooking this week” (working title) Every week, I’m going to (try to at least) post about some of my favorite recipes and some new recipes that I’ll be cooking during the week! Here is what I’ve got planned on the menu this week!

MONDAY: How about a corn risotto for dinner on Monday night? It’s easy enough to put together and super tasty!

TUESDAY: I’m thinking you could use those seasonal vegetables that are out in your garden (aka: the farmers market) and whip up for a light dinner. Because there are some days where roasted vegetables with garlic and herbs just sounds delightful

WEDNESDAY: Fish tacos for Wednesday – for someone who use to not eat fish, ever, I have really enjoyed finding recipe’s that can incorporate this healthy meat while getting loads of flavor!

THURSDAY: It’s almost the weekend and you’ve had a long week and you’re probably not going to want to spend hours over the stove. If you’re like me, Thursday’s are more of a “lets relax and drink a red wine” kind of night. So, pull the wine cork out of that great tasting Pino Noir and whip up this Pan-seared Steak with red wine sauce .  It only takes 30 minutes.

FRIDAY: It’s finally Friday and you can round out the week with a simple, delicious, throw everything in one pot and let it simmer paella dish! Which is heavenly especially when you follow it up with Julia Moskin’s supernatural brownie recipe.

Now you can finally say hello, weekend and begin your netflix binge watching marathon!